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Why Gluten Free?

Hanna, my daughter, was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2005 at the age of 7. One of the first goals after we opened our first restaurant was to provide quality, delicious, gluten free food - and - most importantly, to educate our staff about what being 'Gluten Free' really means. We are very proud of what we have created and even more proud of the staff that stands behind it. Years later, ALL restaurants in our OG Hospitality Group offer great gluten free menus. Hanna, now a bona fide food diva, has had a hand in all of it. (or at least she thinks she does)

That being said, we are NOT a gluten free restaurant - but we do have a gluten free menu. We take many steps to provide a safe, gluten free experience, however we are human and mistakes happen. When mistakes are made, we do not ignore them, we will always get better from them. We serve 100's of GF meals per day... something we take pride in and are pretty damn good at. Guests with gluten sensitivities or any dietary restrictions should exercise judgement in consuming food at not only our family of restaurants, but at any restaurant that serves a gluten free menu along with NON gluten food.

-Brant Baldanza

Owner | Corner Pub | OG Hospitality Group

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